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Last updated Sep 8, 2023

Definition. A profunctor $(P,<,>)$ between two categories $𝔸$ and $𝔹$ is a family of sets $P(A,B)$ indexed by objects $𝔸$ and $𝔹$, and endowed with jointly functorial left and right actions of the morphisms of $𝔸$ and $𝔹$, respectively.

Explicitly, types of these actions are $(>) \colon \hom(A’,A) \times P(A’,B) \to P(A,B)$, and $(<) \colon \hom(B,B’) \times P(A,B) \to P(A,B’)$. These must satisfy

More succintly, a profunctor $P \colon 𝔸 \to 𝔹$ is a functor $P \colon 𝔸^{op} × 𝔹 \to \mathbf{Set}$. When presented as a family of sets with a pair of actions, profunctors are sometimes called bimodules.

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